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Two Christians, Phillip Holmes and Taelor Gray, share reflections on the words and life of Malcolm X.



Make It Plain is a new show from Highest Good Media where hosts Phillip Holmes and Taelor Gray offer Christian reflections on the words and life of the controversial civil rights leader Malcolm X.
Make It Plain is a podcast about clarity, and the question at the heart of this podcast is: How can Malcolm’s story and the truth of his message not only help Christ-followers better understand the past and present but also see a clearer path forward — a future paved with hope, justice, and integrity that’s built on a foundation of love informed by the truth of Scripture.
Make It Plain is a podcast for mature Christians who believe in common grace and want to grow in what it looks like to sincerely admire, avoid being misled, fully critique, humbly reflect and learn from the truth Malcolm X preached while also using that truth to drive us to Scripture to understand its teachings better.


Keep it coming!
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A much needed look at the person of Malcolm X by Christian thinkers. Really appreciate y’all taking the time to have/share these discussions. It seems like Christians miss out on a lot by dismissing someone as articulate and discerning as Malcolm.
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Grateful for these brothers and this important conversation. If brothers and sisters in Christ can learn to humanize and nuance someone as polarizing as Malcolm X, we can get a lot further in these modern conversations around racism and justice.
So dope!!
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Not gon lie, I first saw y’all was doing this podcast and skeptically was like, “MALCOLM X!? 🤔” But after hearing so far, it makes so much sense! The content so dope, challenging and informative!
5 ⭐️‘s without a doubt!
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Love listening to these men…so clear that they are seeking after & speaking truth! Loved the conversation around slander & CRT…gave me so much to think about.
Heidi Scovel
Listening and Learning
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I listen to very few podcasts, but this one has been worth every second of my time. I’m thankful for Phillip Holmes and Taelor Gray and their balanced, well-researched approach to Malcolm X as well as their perspective as Black Christian men. I’m listening, learning, and looking forward to future episodes.


Malcolm X was one of the most misunderstood figures in American history. He’s most commonly known as the anti-Martin Luther King Jr.

He was maligned by the press, who portrayed him as an angry black nationalist. The FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover, launched a campaign to discredit him.

Several months before his assassination, Malcolm had undergone a significant transformation — from narrow nationalism to what he called “true liberation” for all Americans — and he was silenced just as he seemed poised to play a transformational role in the human rights movement.

Although Malcolm’s death deprived us of what might have been his greatest role, it is not too late for us to understand him in full.

Phillip Holmes


Phillip Holmes is a marketing executive and owner of Highest Good Media. He and his family are members of Redeemer Church.

Taelor Gray


Taelor Gray currently serves as pastor at Linden Fellowship while doubling as a hip-hop artist. He and his wife have two children.